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Wed, February 29, 2012 General Assembly
Facilitator: Dug Johannes
Notetaker: John Brennan


Ojai City Council Meeting
Lucas: Went to Ojai City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012 and touched up on the matter of corporate personhood. He also informed the council of the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and specifically the intent of doing fracking near the Ojai Watershed. He asked that the Ojai City Council pass a law that fracking is illegal near the Ojai Watershed because of water safety issues. He invited them to the Halliburton protest. He also urged the city to pass a resolution to label Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). He also invited them to the Monsanto protest at Seminis Seeds on March 16th at 2700 Camino del Sol in Oxnard. He also informed them of the May 1st General Strike and Boycott and urged that they give their non-emergency employees the day off on May 1st.

#F29 Shut Down the Corporations
Dug: 30 people showed up. Protested at the intersection of Port Hueneme and Perkins Road. We then marched to Halliburton. The press was there. The action went from 8am till 2pm. Two police cars came to us and said someone reported that we had “obscene” signs. They saw our signs and saw no problem. Two students from Thousand Oaks High who were at the rally started their own Occupy Movement at TOHS.


Monsanto Protest
Matt: Announced about the Monsanto protest coordinated thru Occupy So Cal and is a national call to action. This protest is at Seminis Seeds (Owned by Monsanto) on March 16th at 2700 Camino del Sol in Oxnard.

Black March
Lucas informed us of Black March. There is new legislation similar to PIPA and SOPA. Black March is a boycott of all entertainment purchases. For more info the website is: http://black-march.com/

Ventura County Community College Budget Cuts Vote
Kathy: Announced that so far the VCCCD (Ventura County Community College District) Bd of Supervisors is mtg on Tues, March 13th at 7pm (closed session on personnel, etc at 5:30)… at their headquarters with Ventura Unified school district on Stanley Ave.. presumably to vote on proposed budget cuts. The agenda doesn’t get posted until much closer to the mtg, and she doubts that the place will change, though they may go to the big room in the same bldg. Kathy will send a reminder and more info (hopefully) as the time gets closer. Don’t know if it will be important to speak, but she’ll likely say something to encourage use of surplus funds and cutting more of admin, esp at schools as that was a major proposal option of the 3 presented at the last mtg.


  1. Quorum is to be 6 people. This is a living document and may be changed by at least 6 people in the future. If the quorum is not met, an official GA will not take place. Proposal passed.
  2. Endorsement of Occupy So Cal Meet up on March 11th. There will be live music and a GA at McArthur Park but this is TBD. They will also have guest speakers and teach-ins. A great place to network. Proposal to endorse Occupy So Cal Meet up. Proposal passed.
  3. Creation of the College Outreach Working Group with Brittany, Lucas, Kate and the students from TOHS. Proposal passed.
  4. Endorsement of Women’s Circle / Occupy LA Rally on Saturday, March 10, 2012 – 10:00am at LA City Hall to stand up for women’s rights. More info to be announced at http://occupylosangeles.org/?q=node/8519 Proposal passed.
  5. Endorsement of Occupy for Education as a Human Right on March 5th at the State House in Sacramento. Proposal passed.