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Who:  Occupy805
What: Picket/Protest at Halliburton Offices
Where: 5651/61 Perkins Rd.
When: Wed., Feb 29, 12 Noon – 1pm, with an all-day presence
Why: Halliburton is the epitome of corporate greed.  Through   war profiteering, job outsourcing, tax evasion, gas fracking  and a lobby that creates legislation, Halliburton is, effectively destroying our world, the American economy, polluting our people and our environment, not contributing their fair share of taxes to our society, and stealing our democracy. The picket at Halliburton is in response to a nation-wide call to shut down multinational corporations. with over 80 cities participating.

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On February 29th, from 12N  —  1pm, Occupy805, a collective of Occupy groups in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, will picket the offices of Halliburton.  The action will include an all-day presence, with a rally at the lunch hour. Halliburton is NOT a small business serving our community.  It is a Fortune 500 multinational corporation, which has a history of human rights abuse, environmental destruction, waste, fraud, and corruption.

Halliburton is currently working with Venoco, gas fracking in Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, and in Monterey and Bakersfield counties in the Los Padres National Forest. More land has just been consigned to oil and gas drilling in Los Padres, 13,444 acres of which are just above Ojai, and geologically conducive to gas fracking.  In addition, the House of Representatives has just sent a law to the Senate calling for off-shore drilling in Ventura County.  Halliburton will likely be hired to encase wells in these areas.

It is for these reasons and more that Occupy805 wants to alert the media and the public as to Halliburton’s past track record, and that they could soon be encasing wells in the Ventura County area, just as they are “securing” wells in Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, Monterey, and Bakersfield.  Occupy805 also wants to educate the public about the FRAC ACT and how they can prevent offshore oil drilling. Bob Field, president of the Santa Ynez Estates Mutual Water Company, servicing drinking water for Santa Barbara, stated at a recent panel discussion: “I am opposed to the entire fracking process…If it’s unlawful for chemicals [benzine, toluene, ethylbenzine, xyline, among others] to be used in our ground water, why is it lawful to inject them into the ground?”  Field pointed out that for every well drilled, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water is being contaminated in the acquifer, Santa Barbara’s only water source of potable water.  Field also acknowledged that there is no way to treat the water and remove unknown numbers of petrochemicals from the drinking water in Santa Barbara–or anywhere else.

Contact: Grant, 805-259-9725