The GA reached consensus on three proposals Saturday.

1) Occupy Ventura consensed to endorse the Miraloma
Action to shutdown Wall Mart;  Lucas will be getting that
endorsement to them, and ask them to endorse our action
at Halliburton;

2) OccupyVentura consensed to occupying 5061 Aurora St.
by Ventura College at 6am Wednesday, February 22nd, in
support of the family there who does not want to leave their
home;  Contact Theresa and Lucas for more information.
Grant stated he will contact Marshall in Santa Barbara, and
Karen Kennedy in Oxnard, both groups working on foreclosures.

3) Occupy Ventura consensed to encourage Robert Barrett
of CableTV to interview women, getting their comments on
the recent all male panel to decide women’s reproductive
rights while disqualifying them from speaking on the issue.
Natalie and Grant agreed to be part of the working group to
approach Robert.

Noted by Grant Marcus, 2/19/201

The working group for Halliburton was postponed, and a meeting
date will be emailed out this week.