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When: February 29th
Where: 5651/5661 Perkins Rd., Port Hueneme
All-Day Presence 8-5 pm

Reprimanded by Congress for Iraq, Halliburton was also partly responsible for the Gulf oil spill.  Halliburton is said to be gas-fracking in Ventura County.

After consensus by Occupy805 to occupy HElliburton, or what some Americans still call Halliburton, the 8 member Occupy805 working group met after the GA meeting and agreed to the following logistics:

On the day of the national movement to Shutdown Corporations (February 29th) we will occupy our chosen corporation, Helliburton at 5651 Perkins in Port Hueneme.

    We agreed to have a continued presence all day at Helliburton.  But we are asking YOU, of all Ventura County Occupy groups, to be there for sure from Noon-1pm for our picket rally. We will have a press release (we are working on now) we will have picket signs, and we will have a half-sheet leaflet on the history of Helliburton’s malfeasance  (one side) and an Occupy calendar of upcoming actions, including our OccupyCityCouncil events (the other).

    WE ALSO AGREED TO: organize a follow-up action a month later at Monsanto in Oxnard.

    *NOTE: There was a concern expressed about civil disobedience and arrests.  Our group decided that this first picket at Helliburton will be a picket only.  We are encouraging those in attendance to avoid trespass and arrest. Thank you.


    1) Try and pledge a half-day to this action and email me if you plan on attending:  Let me know which shift you can pledge to.  The morning shift: 8am – 1pm.  Afternoon shift: 12N – 5pm.

If you can’t  attend for the half-day, make sure you are there from 12N – 1pm for the picket-rally.

    2) If you have bull-horns, please email me & let me know how I can arrange to borrow them prior to the event.

     3) Please submit to Occupy805 any history of wrongdoing–the dirt–on Helliburton.  The working group is developing a leaflet on the corporation that we will hand out at the all day picket. We will be making a press release, so any and all info on this gang of greed, thugs, theives would be appreciated.

     4) If you have any ideas for signs, or can take part in signmaking for the event, please let us know by emailing me;

     5) If you want to join the working group for this action, please email me.  Our working group has agreed to meet on line at 7pm next Tuesday. Send me your email address to be part of the at-home meetup.

     6) If anyone of you can go on-line and visit Halliburton hate clubs, and link this action to the clubs, and get information we can use–that would be helpful for the group

     7) If you have been to Helliburton and back again, and know best directions and layout of the Halliburton plant, please email us with this information.  Of course, the working group will be visiting the plant site, but we would appreciate any and all additional information.

      8) If you would like to be a car-pool organizer for your specific area, Oxnard, Ojai, Ventura, etc., and you can provide transportation to the action, please call me and I will relay this to the working group.

Thank you everyone for your participation.–grant