Meeting called to order 8:15 PM at the Topping Room of the E. P. Foster Library, Ventura, CA.

Cofacilitators: Audra Lucas & William Hyde
Stack: Dug Johannes
Time keeper: John Brennan
Note taker: Ritchie Albert

Consent was given for this team to facilitate this meeting

William gave a brief introduction to the consensus process as practiced at Occupy Wall Street in New York.

Consent was given to follow this process for this assembly, tonight.

Consent to set time limit of ten o’clock for the end of the meeting

Announcements were made

Audra read the list of proposals that were to be presented:
1) Statement that clean water is a human right
2) Petition that sleeping is a right and that public space remain open
3) Break out groups to discuss the reason for being for Occupy 805
4) Statement in endorsing May 1 general strike, form working group for action
5) Form working group for direct action: protest in front of Haliburton office in Oxnard
6) Statement of new political order
7) February 29 “Shut down the corporations” action
8) Form working group to organize a rotation of city locations for future Occupy 805 GAs

By a show of hands, the order of discussing proposals was agreed upon.

1) Consent was given to endorse the May 1 general strike and to form a working group to present a statement and direct action proposal to the GA at a later date.

2) The proposal to rotate the location of future GAs was tabled to form a working group that would present a more defined proposal at a later date

3) The proposal to protest at Haliburton Oxnard was amended to form a working group to plan an action that coincides with the F29 Shut Down the Corporations action called by Occupy Portland.

4) The proposal that Occupy 805 make a statement that clean water is a human right was tabled until next meeting to better define the statement.

At 10:05 the GA was adjourned with the remaining proposals tabled.

The suggestion was made that the logistics group develop a process for the presentation of proposals to the GA.

R. Albert

*A working group was formed, The Shut Down Corporations/Halliburton Action working group and met after the GA from 10:05 – 10:30.