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Just 2 votes more are needed for passage!  4 democrats abstained from voting.  We could turn them around if you decide to OccupySacramento and get corporations out of health care!!!

Call these 4 California Senators Now, and urge them to vote for Healthcare for all!  And call/email your friends too!!

Ca. Sen. Juan Vargas      916  651-4040

Ca. Sen. Alex Padilla        916  651-4020

Ca. Sen. Rodrick Wright   916  651-4025

Ca. Sen. Michael Rubio    916   651-4016

The bill, SB 810 will provide comprehensive healthcare & medicare for all.  The bill insures primary care and preventative care to head off disease before it is too late to get well. It is comprehensive, because it not only includes short term care, like clinics, ERs, labs, etc., but it also covers holistic medicine, chiropractic, dental, and vision, and it does so without deductibles, copays, or added out-of-pocket costs. If you are employed and have healthcare through your employer, your employer no longer has to go through an insurance company.  This cuts your portion you pay in by half because your employer will pay a lot less for health care. And the bill insures that those out of work, and who cannot afford health care are also covered.   California SB 810, sponsored by Mark Leno, will eliminate insurance corporations from controlling our healthcare. Think of SB 810 as Medicare for All, only stronger, without the insurance industry.  Because it eliminates people profiting off of sickness, the Bill will save $billions of dollars.  It puts Doctors and Nurses in charge of distributing our healthcare nonprofitly. Cost overruns of healthcare for profit will be cut in half, meaning all Californians will be covered at half the cost.  The Bill adds no cost to the consumer, and by eliminating middle-men (corporations) it will also contain the rising costs of the medical insurance industry, which reached 17% of the GDP in California.

Today, over 10,000Californians die annually without health care.  It is the State’s 7th leading cause of death.  We pay twice the cost for half the care, because insurance companies are paying their CEOs $millions to deny care, while making

corporations more money.  Insurance companies like Blue Cross have tripled in value over the last 10 years, while charging exorbitant prices for health care.  As a nurse, I took an oath,”to above all else, do no harm.”  10,000 deaths from inadequate or denied health care every year is harm.  We kill more people by denying or unaffording health care than all the terrorists have killed in the Twin Towers and the Mideast Wars–In one year!!!

Call these 4 State Senators above TODAY or early TOMORROW, as the vote of “reconsideration” will be our last chance–Thanks in advance & OCCUPYSACRAMENTO!!



Image from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Floridians-for-single-payer-health-care/205278862828225