We lost our place for the next Regional GA.  We are looking for an alternative.  I certainly don’t want to dictate things though.  Right now, in my opinion, we should move the date to the first (or second) Wed. of each month, and have it at Bell Arts.  Our regular Occupy Ventura GAs are on Wed, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Wed. instead of Tues. because we can get the big room on Wed.

I was going to say the 1st Wed., just because it was the first Tuesday before.  But, Wed. 2/1 Bill Haff is giving a talk on Move to Amend at the Thousand Oaks Library, and I want to attend, and encourage others.

If we have other better alternatives, we can change time/date/location on 2/8.

Or, if anyone has a better alternative, try to let people know quickly. —Dug