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A Day of Bad Luck for
Bank of New York Mellon

Occupy Los Angeles plans to make this Friday the 13th of January a day of bad luck for Bank of New York Mellon for their corrupt mortgage transgression against Americans families and for going to court this week to try to eviction Occupy Pittsburgh from their encampment.

WHO: Occupiers and concerned citizen nationwide
WHAT: Peaceful protests against foreclosures, evictions and others bank frauds
WHEN: Friday, January 13, 2012 11am
WHERE: Peaceful protest outside Bank of New York Mellon offices 400 S. Hope Street, Downtown LA and over the phone

Friday the thirteenths have long been associated with Wall Street and Stock Market crashes.

In 1907, eccentric Boston stockbroker Thomas Lawson published a book called Friday the Thirteenth, which told of a devious broker’s endeavor to take advantage of the superstition to create a Wall Street panic.

Members of Occupy Los Angeles (OLA) believe that Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) has created its own panics with Americans and Occupiers through real and threatened foreclosures and evictions.

BNYM has wrongfully foreclosed upon both 79-year-old retired school teacher, Faith Park of South Central, and on 63-year-old Chaplain Bertha Herrera of Van Nuys. BNYM event evicted the Chaplain last week and members of OLA were there when the Sheriff’s Deputies entered the home with weapons drawn. Members of Occupy LA have rallied around these two families.

These families remain in a panic as the banks wrongfully take all they have.

As if that wasn’t enough, early this week, BNYM went to court in Pennsylvania with a lawsuit and companion injunction to make Occupy Pittsburgh anti-wall-street protesters leave a downtown bank-owned green space, known as Mellon Green.

BNYM feared a confrontation with the Occupiers in Pittsburgh.

Well, now they have a confrontation with Occupiers around the country.  OLA has reached out to other occupations in each one of the cities that BNYM has offices in and invited them to join in on their Friday-the-13th-day-of-bad-luck protests against BNYM.

For those supporters who cannot physical be at a protest outside a BNYM office, member of OLA plan to provide them with phone numbers to call to express their protests to the bank and government officials. On Friday at 11am, members of OLA, Occupy the Hood, and the community will rally outside BNYM’s downtown Los Angeles office building on the corner of 4th and Hope Street.

These protests come as BNYM works out a settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s office to settle a lawsuit accusing the bank of overcharging customers and pension holders on foreign currency transactions.The bank has been involved in numerous lawsuits over the years and has settled for multi-millions.

—Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gilsonrome/