It is the goal of Veterans for Peace “To increase public awareness of the costs of war” which will be an even more daunting task now that the Iraq war has theoretically ended. We can expect more complacency from the American public since what passes for news in the United States has failed to inform Americans of the true cost of the Iraq invasion and the continuing imperialistic endeavors that the military and other secret and not so secret organizations are conducting.

Well-meaning soldiers attempt, in vain, to “protect our freedoms” while congress passes laws that emasculate the Bill of Rights. One cost of war not often mentioned is a nation divided that is losing its soul.

Participation in Veterans for Peace gives us the opportunity to reach out to this nation and dispel some of the myths surrounding military service. Those of us who have “served” have an obligation to speak out, especially to the youth who are being mentally prepared as cannon fodder, and relate our experience in the military. I hope in the coming year you and I have the time and energy to redouble our efforts “To increase public awareness of the costs of war.” If we can only accomplish statement (a) of the VFP mission statement, “To increase public awareness of the costs of war,” statements (b) through (e) will follow.

I believe in the goodness of the American public and the goodness of those who enlist to make the world a better place and to keep Americans free. When Americans understand the true purpose of our military I believe they will force congress to end our imperialistic juggernaut. We cannot rely on the media to inform the public. We as veterans must make every effort to inform the public, our neighbors and friends and bring them on board. I hope you will attend your monthly Veterans for Peace meeting so we can together find ways to achieve the goal of increasing public awareness of the true costs of war.

Phil Pflager
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