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Occupy805 reached consensus to stand in solidarity
with the Martin Luther King Jr Committee,
and par
ticipate in the Martin Luther King
“Freedom March”
march,” program, and luncheon following.
About 60 members in attendance all agreed to support the event.

The Martin Luther King Celebration
will begin Monday, January 16th, at 8:00 am
People will gather at Plaza Park in Heritage Square (5th & ‘C’ Streets)

We will then march to the Oxnard Performing Arts Center
at 800 Hobson Way, where this year’s program will take place.
There will be an Occupy805 booth where our action/
leaflets/signs will be on display in an adjoining room
of the Performing Arts Center.  The luncheon will be held in this same adjoining room.

If you would like to sign up for the MLK Working
Group, please contact grant: grantpeacenurse726@gmail.com,
or email the listserve occupy805regionalga@googlegroups.com

If we have 40+ members to go to the MLK event, she will give us a
discount rate of $4.00/ticket.  This would include the three
hour program and the luncheon following (free).  I am urging
all participants to email me so we can arrange to disperse
advance tickets.
Also, I am in contact with Willie Clayton, who manages the vendor
booths, and he will set us up with a booth. Last night, one
of our members stepped forward and offered his services
to make a banner for the march, that we could later use
for display at the booth.  After hearing the concerns of the
group last night, my suggestion for the banner is as follows:

            “WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER”
The statement below is of course one of MLK’s famous
quotes. If people have other ideas for a banner, please let
me know.  We could also have a smaller banner simply
stating “Occupy805”  I believe we already have one of these
made that we could simply bring to the event.  (Let me
know who has it).
I will be contacting all those who signed up for the working
group. We will need to meet to prepare Occupy805 for this
event and discuss/coordinate our participation.
We had flyers at our port action that would be good to have
on display at the booth.  There are “move your money
invitations.”  We could have some “Move to Amend” leaflets
and a leaflet that schedules our upcoming events.  It would
be great to have a leaflet on “foreclosures” from Marshall’s
working group as well.  And I’m sure Veterans for Peace
will give us some of their MLK (Martin Luther King) pamphlets that I created for
the group.
The three pamphlets are:
MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech, in its entirety
Martin Luther King’s famous anit-war/anti-Vietnam speech
A pamphlet of quotations by MLK

*IMPORTANT: If you haven’t signed up for the MLK working
group yet, but would like to participate, please email me and
I will put you on the list. Please list your days and times that
you would prefer to meet.  I am trying to arrange two meetups
prior to the 16th of January. — Grant


Note: The painting above was on a podium and an event taken by Amigos805