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November 24, 2011  

Mark from Occupy Los Angeles Just Posted this … It has been a rather tense day after a meeting with the deputy mayor and police.  An eviction of Occupy Los Angeles is imminent – the city said not before next week, however the feeling a lot of us have is that it is going to be in the late hours, over the holiday weekend.

This is an urgent call for mobilization!

Right now, DHS vehicles are slowly circling city hall doing reconnaissance, and low flying helicopters have passed on several occasions tonight.

We do not know when the police will move in and we need to build our numbers.  We need thousands of people to join the occupation – the only protection we will have is in sheer numbers.  If ever there was a time to take a stand it is now.

I know it is a long weekend and people are looking forward to a few days off and that is exactly why your help is so needed at this very moment.

Please call every one you know – bring out your unions, your church groups, your civic engagers – the only power is the power of the people and people power is needed now!

LA Mayor sets move out date for Occupy LA —Monday, November 28.


More Information 

Occupy LA Website:
Los Angeles Live Stream: http://www.livestream.com/owslosangeles

Subscribe to Occupy LA list at https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/occupyla
*Note they do send out about 75 emails a day.


Please sign the petition to let OccupyLA stay: http://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-villaraigosa-stop-the-eviction-of-occupy-la
Contact these Council Members and the Mayor today! Flood their phones and e-mails…

Antonio Villaraigosa:  mayor@lacity.org (213) 978-0600 or (213) 978-0721

District 1: Ed Reyes: councilmember.reyes@lacity.org (213)-473-7001
District 2: Paul Krekorian: councilmember.Krekorian@lacity.org (213)-473-7002
District 3: Dennis Zine: councilmember.zine@lacity.org (213)-473-7003
District 4: Tom LaBonge: councilmember.Labonge@lacity.org (213)-473-7004
District 5: Paul Koretz: paul.koretz@lacity.org (213)-473-7005
District 6: Tony Cardenas: councilmember.cardenas@lacity.org (213) -473-7006
District 7: Richard Alacorn: councilmember.alarcon@lacity.org (213)-473-7007
District 8: Bernard Parks: councilmember.parks@lacity.org (213)-473-7008
District 9: Jan Perry: Jan.Perry@lacity.org (213)-473-7009
District 10: Herb Wesson Jr.: councilmember.wesson@lacity.org (213)-473-7010
District 11: Bill Rosendahl: councilman.rosendahl@lacity.org (213)-473-7011
District 12: Mitchell Englander: councilmember.englander@lacity.org (213)-473-7012
District 13: Eric Garcetti: councilmember.garcetti@lacity.org (213)-473-7013
District 14: Jose Huizar: councilmember.huizar@lacity.org (213)-473-7014