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Minutes from GA meeting of Sunday, October 23, 2011

There was much discussion regarding the location of the occupation (parking lot of City Hall) beginning Oct 28, 2011.  Many indicated that if it was possible they would like to move to another location after the weekend.  The Government Center would be the optimal place.

Bell Arts contact person is Moses 805-509-7309 for meetings, sign making, etc.

Also Miguel is looking for someone to volunteer to handle the art exhibit through the month of November

A new hand signal was introduced…

a thumb up for an affirmative vote also indicating high level of involvement

a thumb sideways is an affirmative vote with little or no commitment

a thumb down for a no vote

Suggestion – that we start holding educational or informative workshops

A proposal was made to have only two GA meetings this coming week.  Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm at Bells Arts Center located at Ventura Ave. And Prospect St.

This was met with consensus.

The meeting was concluded.

Minutes from General Assembly meeting of October 22, 2011 at 11:30 a.m.


Art opening at Bell Arts (on the Avenue) for the month of November. Also, Moses has made space available for meetings, sign making, etc.

The need to consolidate Media with communication was discussed and a proposal was made that we combine them into a Communications Committee with a sub/networking as the internal (yet open to all) discussions and the sub/media as the general outreach efforts of the movement with all general info ultimately going there. This proposal was met by consensus.

More,  to that end, Stevo announced a “Communication Sanity” workshop and proposed a meeting time of 3:00 pm Saturday 10/22 at Chill Yogurt (on Chestnut) Everyone was invited to attend.  Stephen also invited anyone having problems with Lexus to contact him and he would provide them with instruction re: the Lexus site.

Kendra wanted to have a break out meeting for Logistics to discuss the needs list for the Oct 28th Occupation.  The break out never happened.

There was no one present to discuss Finance.

Roy, from Media, made a proposal the all the various web sites be “streamlined” and/or condensed to one site.  Point of clarification as to whether it would be possible to enter whatever site a person uses to find us and when they click on that page they are immediately redirected to one unified page where EVERYTHING is entered.  So the proposal was that he be allowed to streamline the various sites into one central spot. No consensus was reached on this and the issue was tabled until the next meeting.

Steven Barry provided info from his research of printing costs.  He submitted 3 quotes as follows:

for 8 x 10, 2 color…he received the following price quotes:

Genographics – 3 lots of 5000 (total 15,000) – $ 1,086.37

Clarks Printing – 3 lots of 5,000 (total 15,000) – $794.76

Genographics – 3 lots of 15,000 (total 45,000) – $1,352.27

It was requested that he obtain prices for black and white and greyscale as they would be significantly lower.

It was decided that this was a committee issue.

Grant felt this should fall under communications.

Steve announced that he has an industrial laser printer so it was suggested that we research the cost of cartridges for his machine and determine the per unit cost using this machine.  Media agreed to do this and submit the information.

Kendra requested that we use recycled paper when printing these flyers.

Eilleen said that Lorenzo and copy machine repair man has access to any number of machines and that it might behoove us to discuss this with him as well.

It was proposed and consensus was reached to table this issue for a future meeting.

Inquiries were made about where the minutes were going to be posted, even though they have been posted after every meeting for more than a week.  At that time, I volunteered to act as secretary at these meetings and post the minutes, and Kendra also volunteered to do same if I can’t do it. Kendra also volunteered to Facilitate meetings when needed.


It was announced that the West Side Park Action wants to join forces. They are trying to get a park built on the Avenue and thinks our groups could help one another.

It was suggested that while this is very worth while cause…we are busy enough trying to organize our own movement and that any further involvement especially in one so far off point might be better served at a later date.

Some ideas for Action – with no further discussion on any one point at this time:

Strike on Monday;

March Schedule;

Oxnard/Camarillo/Santa Barbara

Move your Money day

Government Center- Grant has some specific ideas with respect to this day

The meeting adjourned so that a group of members could go to Camarillo to show our solidarity with them.

We also discussed Santa Barbara’s event which was this morning and Oxnard’s is tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:00 pm.

We were supposed to reconvene when the Camarillo group returned, but it is my belief that once there, it was so good they stayed…which is a good thing except that no one was around to reconvene the meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 10/23 at 11:00 a.m. at Mission Park.

No one has volunteered to facilitate Sunday’s meeting.

Occupy Ventura GA Report – Friday, Oct 21 at County Govn Center

(Facilitated by Theresa, Notetaker – Kendra Gonzales) OPEN AGENDA

Actions: We are meeting for GA Oct 22nd, Mission Park at 11am

We will be Marching in Solidarity with the call to action of “National Day of Justice” – take it the Streets!

We set up at the edge of the Park (must stay on the grass) along the Plaza, between the fountains.

Nothing decided as to what to bring, other than some canopies, tables, chairs, outreach materials. This will be “home base” to the marches.  Where to, what times to be determined at GA at 11am. We are certain marches will be throughout downtown, City Hall?, along the Promenade?.

A Proposal was made to consolidate all the various social platforms we use, to centralize to avoid confusion and be better organized. (as in only 1 Facebook page, 1 website, 1 live chat..etc.) After much discussion we agreed to table this until GA tomorrow (Sat 22nd) where the larger group would be able to participate.

Open invitation to discuss further on Nexus – “tiny chat” at 10pm (in an hour and ½)

Kendra will also post to Google Groups email.

A Proposal was made by Steve Barry to discuss various printing shop options he has researched and prices for flyers and outreach materials on a large scale. Tabled for GA on Saturday.

Announcement: Camarillo is also Occupying (at the Outlets Mall? Must confirm) at 1pm, and would like us to come and support. Suggestion made we announce at GA tomorrow that between Marches, some can opt to go to Camarillo to support, and even bring some Camarillo Occupiers back with us for the afternoon.

Oxnard Occupies Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard on Sunday, Oct 23rd  – 3pm GA

A “Statement of Inclusivity” is being drafted and will forwarded ( somewhere / everywhere) on-line for put and presented at GA on Saturday

Alyson Warner has volunteered to Facilitate at Saturday GA (22nd) and would appreciate an experienced Co-Facilitator. (just opinion of Notetaker Kendra that always having male / female, experienced / newbie co-facilitators makes for best inclusivity and Facilitation)

Thursday, Oct. 20 General Assembly discussed the following:

1. A proposal was made to include Outreach as a permanent part of the General Assembly meeting agenda.  This is to allow anyone to put forth new ways to reach out without committing them to a “committee” position.  This proposal was passed by consensus.

2. A proposal was made to hold Friday’s General Assembly meeting at the Government Center immediately following the rally.  The reasoning here is that we were DENIED our permit for Mission Park for this weekend, so having the GA at the park with no permit would be counterproductive and a waste of travel time.  This also passed by consensus.

Jay felt that we need to post, every couple of hours, on all media, that we are gathering at Mission Park this weekend with NO PERMIT.  It is important that everyone understand this.  Those that want to help set up on Saturday should be at the park by 9:00 am…We need to set up on the far edge of the park from the museum so that we do not disturb an event that will take place in the afternoon.  We could perform outreach and organize our marching from this part of the park.

It was suggested that we follow the theme of the national movement, that being National Day of Justice…it is requested that we “take it to the streets” to show our solidarity to the movement.  It has been suggested that we march up and down Main Street, to the promenade and the fairgrounds.  It should be discussed whether to march it all at once or break it up throughout the day.

For the purpose on consistency, Saturday’s GA meeting at Mission Park will take place at 11:00 am with committee meetings following immediately thereafter.

It was suggested that we hold a candlelight vigil/moment of silence in memory of Officer Payne.

An announcement should be made that Moses has prepared a room at Bell Arts that can be used for committee meetings, making signs, etc…

Upcoming dates:

Saturday, October 22, 2011 -Day of Justice – taking it to the streets

Friday, October 28, 2011 Occupation of Ventura begins (top floor of City Hall parking structure)

Saturday – October 29, 2011 – Seat of Government day (just so the irony is not lost on anyone!!)

Saturday – November 5, 2011 Move Your Money day

Also discussed:

Member info cards;

Telephone trees;

Choosing a color to help identify OV – Orange was suggested; (orange wristbands; orange 99% stickers, etc);

Flyers with Schedule of events;


Videographers will be about this weekend, members should approach them to be interviewed for the one hour video that will be edited Monday and Tuesday for broadcast on local channels 6 & 15, time slots to be announced.

We have backing through CWA Local (didn’t catch the local number).  Our contact there is Joseph Feese, mobile phone 310-429-6335. If we are need of anything we can submit a request to this local for consideration.  Mr. Feese would submit the proposal to his union.

It was discussed that we need to revise our mission statement.

Recap of events:

Rally at Govt Center Friday, 10/21 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm with GA immediately following also at the Govt Center

Protest and outreach UNPERMITTED at Mission Park Sat. 10/22 with GA meeting at 11:00 am and Day of Justice marches throughout the day to include Main St., City Hall, Fairgrounds and Promenade

OCCUPATION OF VENTURA begins October 28, 2011 at City Hall parking structure (top floor).

GA Meeting 10.19.11 Mission Park

* Michael: Working on communication channels & Stevo handed out slips of paper with the Nexus website address to GA

* [I did not get your name! So sorry!]: Asked smokers to not smoke @ GA meetings

* Roy: Need more outreach & introduced occupation of city hall beginning Saturday, Oct 28th

* Jay: submitted 2 permits to the city:

1. This Friday- Sunday evening @ Mission park

2. Indefinite permit for the upper lot @ city hall beginning Oct 28th @ 3pm

PROPOSAL: We will occupy the upper parking lot of city hall beginning Oct 28th- APPROVED

* Lisa: Come to outreach meeting after GA

* Roy: Robin put together list of unions & clubs for outreach

* Kendra: how to have digital communications work with in person communication

* Mike: Working with Community Access TV & we can have a spot if we can edit all our footage of the past few weeks. Will be further discussed @ Media committee meeting

* Eileen: Spoke with Moses from Bell Arts & he offered a small meeting space for subcommittees.

Also the community room is available everyday from 1-5pm. Moses offered a month long art exhibit @ Bell Arts with the opening on November 4th.

PROPOSAL: have the outreach meeting @ Bell Arts tonight APPROVED

Hard block discussion: Do not overuse & explained GA’s stance on 80% consensus after 3 votes to new member. If we approve a proposal on an 80% consensus, be considerate to the hard blocker

PROPOSAL: We will pick the facilitator for the next GA @ the end of the current GA APPROVED

* [some gentleman whose name I missed earlier] Has been writing occupation articles- Let’s circulate! Facebook & email when posted

Notes by Alyson Warner

GA Meeting 10.18.11 Mission Park

Around 20+ of us met at Mission Park at 5:30 (ish), marched along Main to City Hall. Mayor Fulton came down after 5 mins or so because our chants were so loud, their PA system picked us up and we were drowning out City Council. We shared that was not our intent; had no idea this was happening (truth) and then dispersed…back along Main St. to GA.

Agreed we keep open invite for daily marches along Main St. from Mission Park daily (Main St. just west of Fountain) at 12:30 and 5:30. If small numbers show, they can decide to flyer downtown, do canvassing, more one-on-one outreach.

GA continues to meet at 6pm at Mission Park daily (same spot).

Added another march after GA for anyone interested.

Concerns about Consensus Process and Civil Disobedience, needs more discussion.

Concern not enough people are using WordPress & Google Groups for organizing efforts.

Concern we need much more outreach to grow the local movement.

Agreed we need 3 “March Leaders” for front, middle, and back for security, safety, coordination, and chant call outs.

Letter will be re-posted on FBook that was agreed to at Sunday GA from Occupy Vta to City Council that each of us can send to City Council. Jay and Eileen will work on getting us on Agenda for next Monday. How we present to be determined at on-going GA.