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Occupy Mission Park 10/15/2011

Aerial View of Mission Park in downtown Ventura. Site of the coming occupation!


Watch live streaming video from occupyventura at

Everyone! Come to the County Government Center at Victoria & Telephone tomorrow, Friday, Oct 14th, from 3pm on, for our OCCUPY VENTURA KICKOFFF!


Our Statement:

We are diverse citizens, united in solidarity with the national Occupy Wall Street movement, in non-violent protest against many injustices,


• high un-and-under-employment

• a concentration of wealth in the top 1%

• the bubble economy, which destroyed first retirement savings and now has resulted in the mass foreclosure of homes

• a state of permanent, undeclared, war in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan

• the inability for the common citizen to afford adequate access to healthcare, education, nutrition and human services

• destruction of the environment

We assert that the unifying cause of these injustices is the collusion between government and corporations. We call for the separation of corporation and State by:

• eliminating banker and corporate bailouts

• eliminating the power for government to award monopolies and special privileges to corporations

• prosecute white collar crime

• end the Federal Reserve System, which through debasement of the dollar and secret loans, has funded war and bailouts beyond the consent of the tax payers

• moving money out of corrupt banks into local credit unions.